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Constitution of the Interuniversity Consortium Sites (COIS)

It is announced the establishment of the Inter-University Consortium Sites (COIS)

The following  are part of the Consortium sites:

DIADI, Distance Learning
FEIR, Federalism and Religious Interests
RABIG,Bibliographic Review of Case Law
AFRIKADU, Africa and Human Rights
LICODU, Freedom of Conscience and Human Rights
ISLAMDU, Islam and Human Rights
ASIADU, Asia and Human Rights

The Consortium is an independent legal structure of consociational character, open to further contributions, which aims to facilitate the work of those who are committed to making it possible the access to the materials of legal research. The consortium structure was chosen in the belief that general and all-encompassing sites are inadequate to capture the complexity and extent of materials needed to research, mortify the autonomy of researchers, are likely to create an interpretative protocol data, filtered by doctrinal positions severely limiting the autonomy and freedom of research. (Statute)

The Consortium then manages sites dedicated to research that offer a database relating to legal issues indicated, accompanied by reports, statistical data, information, contributions doctrine and jurisprudence relating to the matters covered by the activity of sites. In an effort to tie the research to teaching, the Consortium is responsible for distance learning, via the platform DIADI specially crafted and based on an original teaching method that uses an interdisciplinary approach and the constant comparison as a tool of work. (DIADI method).

Scientific-Technical Director: Dott.ssa Federica Botti.

The COIS could be contacted at the following address:

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